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Filter Maintenance (E & DL Series)

Ensure optimal performance and vacuum power of your Cyclo Vac ducted vacuum system: make sure you do proper maintenance on the filtration system.

Your ducted vacuum includes two distinct filters. The anticlogging filter (thin material) and the Cyclofiltre (thick material) work together to capture all the dust suctioned. The thin filter is reusable, and the thick one is machine washable (no bleach, cold water, dry at low temperature).

  1. First, remove the dust receptacle.

  1. To withdraw the filters, grab the fabric strap at their base and pull. Approximately once a year or after four cleaning of the anticlogging filter (shake or hand-wash it), Cyclo Vac recommends you wash the Cyclofiltre (thick material).

  2. When you reinstall the filters, make sure they are thoroughly dry and they are logged into the ridge of the filter frame. Start by reinstalling the Cyclofiltre filter (thick material) and put the anti-clogging filter over it (thin material).

Make sure you check the filters for tears or rips before putting them back in the ducted vacuum. Damaged filters should never be reinstalled.

Electrostatic Bag Maintenance (GS & GX Series)

We recommend that you switch the vacuum bag when filled. Frequency will vary depending on how often you use the ducted vacuum system. The GX series ducted vacuums signals when comes time to change the filter-bag with it's integrated monitor system.

  1. To access the filter you'll need to take off the dust receptacle.*

  2. Retract, seal (with adhesive available on bag) and chuck out the used bag.

  3. Install the new filter-bag: be sure to line up the slots on the bag with the notches on the adapter.

  4. Push the bag up to the retention ring. To make sure it stays fixed, rotate it 20º.

  5. Put the ducted vacuum's dust receptacle back in place.

*To replace the bag on the GS110 model, take off the power unit's top cover rather then removing the dust receptacle.

We also recommend that after three (3) filter-bag replacements, you also change the disc-shaped filter (between motor and dust bag).

You should always use Cyclo Vac filter-bags. Failure to do so could void the warranty on your ducted vacuum.

Ultra-Fresh* Permanent Filter Maintenance


You don't even have to think about this filter! After 500 hours of use or in about 10 years, when your ducted vacuum will be due for inspection, bring it to a Cyclo Vac specialist which will make sure the Ultra-Fresh filter is still in optimal condition.

*Ultra-Fresh is a trademark of Thomson Research Associates

Carbon Dust Filter Maintenance (Except models 110 and 210)

When you've change the filter bag three times, it is time to replace the carbon dust filter. If you own a GX Series ducted vacuum, the monitor will inform you when to change the carbon dust filter.

  1. First, release the lock and lift the carbon dust filter case upward.

  2. Take out the old filter and throw it away.

  3. Introduce the new filter inside the casing. Be sure that the arrows printed on the carbon filter are directed towards you.

  4. Bring down that carbon dust filter case and lock.

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