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Retractable Hose

Retractable Hose System: an innovation to simplify your life!

No more carrying your central vacuum hose around and no more putting it away!

The revolutionary retractable hose system enables you to start your central vacuum system and pull out your hose directly from the inlet. Use the length of hose you need at the moment, no more, no less. When you're finished, the system uses the suction from your central vacuum to retract the hose in the piping system, within the walls of you house. So easy!

Easily installed during renovations and constructions, the retractable hose system installation can also be done in an existing apartment or home. Please contact your authorized dealer.

The DataSync Technology

Cyclo Vac's latest technology, the DataSync, is certainly at the forefront innovation. Choose from 4 power levels and access precious information on its Synchronized Data Monitors that signal when bag should be changed or when canister should be emptied, and even when maintenance is required.

Access this information on the LCD monitor, at the front of the ducted vacuum, and on the hose handle: so convenient!

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Retractable Hose System

retractable hose system

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