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When it comes to innovation and performance, Cyclo Vac is a cut above. Cyclo Vac designs, manufactures and markets a wide array of top quality central vacuums, to meet and exceed the needs and expectations of its clients.


In 1960, Mr. Jacques Bruneau, a skilled expert with much experience in the ducted vacuum industry founded Les Industries Trovac Ltée (ITL). His aim: offer a ducted vacuum that surpassed all others.

The Cyclo Vac brand was officially launched in 1960. With its unmatched performance and reliability and amazing design it rapidly got a place of choice in the ducted vacuum market. Over time, ITL products became renowned for their outstanding quality and reliability, something that we are proud to say is true in all units and attachments manufactured today.

Such an impact on the ducted vacuum industry caught the attention of the international scene. In 1989 and 1990 respectively, Cyclo Vac opened two distribution centers, one in British-Columbia and one in France.

Now shipping products world-wide and facing raising demand, Cyclo Vac built a bigger manufacture and head office facilities in 1997. The head office and manufacturing complex have since been expanded and our affiliated offices and warehouse in France also underwent major expansions recently.

For the years to come, Trovac Industries is dedicated to expend its market and develop cutting edge technologies and products in order to always offer to our international and North American customers powerful, ultra-quiet and high quality central vacuums as well as outstanding service.

The Cyclo Vac Team

Renowned specialists in several domains, the Cyclo Vac team members work together to offer superior quality products of outstanding performance making it a priority to be attentive to the needs and wishes of its customers. We are proud to offer both services and products that surpass expectations.

Marc Bruneau – President

Son of the Cyclo Vac founder and involved in the company since his young age, Mr Bruneau insures its clients’ long-lasting satisfaction and the superior quality of the products offered by Cyclo Vac.

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